Apr 29, 2011

{Here we go!}

Okay, so here we go!  We're officially entering the blogosphere! 

Before we begin, let me introduce ourselves.  I'm Erin and my groom of 8 years is, Justin.  We are the proud parents of "The Kid!"  He's awesome, but let me tell you, "The Kid" keeps us VERY busy.  We are both teachers and we love what we do, but we are also creative people (at least that's what some people tell us). So, that is where this blog comes in...we're hoping to share some of the creative things we do in order to save money while decorating our house to make it our home!  Because we're also CHEAP savvy with our money!

We just built a house and we will be moving this weekend! We have taken load after load of "stuff," that I hope to purge as we go through box after box of "stuff."  Justin and I have moved most of the stuff ourselves, with very little help...yes, I helped move a queen mattress and box spring up the stairs, and the living room sofa, the kitchen table, the dining room table, and several dressers.  We hired movers for the other big items, because I just couldn't do it (2 big bookcases, 2 small bookcases, a TV stand, sofa, loveseat, and three dressers.)  We're excited as can be for this new chapter in our lives!

We will be posting pics of our builder beige house as we begin to tackle one room at a time make it our home! 

Thanks for stopping by {A Charming Nest}!

Erin d


  1. I just finished going back thru all your posts. You are SO creative. I found inspiration everywhere. If I ever have a house that could have a mudroom, I would love to do something like you have done. You are amazing!

  2. I completely agree with everything Patti said above!
    Went through all your posts and i loved every single one! You really are amazing!


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