Jun 29, 2011

{Osnaburg fabric...the poor man's linen}

My new obsession...Osnaburg fabric.  I've dubbed it the "poor man's linen." 

It's lovely, isn't it?  With it's nubby, imperfect, rough goodness. I want to use it for everything now and at $3.99/yard, I can, because it's so affordable!  I got a few yards at Michael's and I have a few projects in mind.

I made this "Osnaburg" linen pin board for my mom.  I plan on making another one for our kitchen, but I just haven't found the time, yet.

I used it to make euro shams for our guest bedroom.  I just sewed the sides together to make the pillow, and then made cute little ties out of some extra lengths of fabric to tie them closed.

Next, I think I am going to make pillows with it for our family room.  I love the idea of using the neutral fabric as a backdrop to other colorful pillows that can be easily changed to suit my mood.   And according to Justin, my mood changes often, so I may be switching pillows out a lot.


  1. Not sure if you have a Handcocks Fabric in your area.. but in San Antonio TX our Handcocks had the fabric for $2.99. "Poor Man's Linen"... LOL you hit the nail on that one!

  2. oh I LOVE this! Maybe I'll cover my bar stools in the basement with this! And my piano bench! Must write this down.

  3. I just found your blog tonight. My husband and I also just moved into our "builder beige" house in March. We upgraded to get the beige (vs. just primer), so sadly we're abiding by the one-year rule and not painting anything for now. So I'm trying to find crafty ways to spruce things up.

    First, I love the Hemnes console idea for your kitchen! Not sure it'll match our table. I'll have to wait until I can get to Ikea to see what the black brown looks like in person.

    Second, I have a new Ball jar obsession! I actually found some blue ones at a garage sale over the weekend. 7 for 75¢! No lids, but I'm a happy girl.

    Third, I literally just bought this fabric TODAY! Like just hours ago. I'm planning on using it in the dining room for a table runner. Although my husband really likes the patterned fabric I found too, so we'll see. It will get used somewhere regardless :)

    I wish my husband was as on-board with projects as yours. I have convinced him to put up some white cabinets in our super narrow laundry room. No mud room for us though! We're struggling with a show storage solution in there (the laundry room).

    Anyway, love the blog! I'll be stopping back often to see your progress, and get some ideas.

  4. I work at Hancock Fabrics and we sell a ton of Osnaburg. Curtains, pillows, apparell. I thought/heard that it dates back to the 19th century at least and was used in the curing of meat and making of cheese. Also, clothing.
    Anybody hear that tale?

  5. I love this fabric! Thanks so much for sharing the name!! You can't beat the price.


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