Jul 9, 2011

{We've been busy...}

Holy Moly!  Where has this summer gone?  It's already July 9th and we are in the thick of things here.  We've been working on lots of projects around our home, and our list seems to get longer and longer.

Here's a few things we plan on doing in the next couple of weeks...

1. "The Kid's" room needs some sprucing up.  I plan on framing out his windows, adding board and batten around the perimeter of his room, painting an awesome "boy" color (undecided as of now)...and then decorating with some vintage finds.  Old airplanes, trucks, cars, and space...the works for a little boy who is obsessed with cars and trucks...and the sky.  Have I mentioned that I love having a boy?  Because I really do!  I was thinking something like this...

2.  Finish the mudroom storage unit.  It hasn't taken us long, but we've had to do it in two phases because of time and funds.  The bench is finished, but now we are working on the upper storage part.  Here's our progress so far...

3.  Install door casings in five entries that are just drywall.  It's the little things.

4.  Justin has been experimenting with crown moulding...and we found a double sided crown at home depot ($1.59 a linear foot).  What does this mean you ask?  It means that you can make one compound miter cut, flip the other piece around, and you have a perfectly matching compound miter cut.  I'm so excited about this...if you didn't know, crown can be a pain in the tookus!  We used this website to help us set our compound miter saw...Crown Moulding Angle Generator.

5.  Install window casings.  I would love to have wood all around our windows.  I know this is a door, but we were thinking something like this...

6.  Install hard wood flooring in our morning room and family room.

7.  Install board and batton in our dining room...and paint a cool pattern like this on top...

or this...

8.  Refinish my grandparents maple table.   The table was given to me by my grandfather.  It was in their kitchen table for over fifty years.  It is in impeccable shape, but could use a little refinishing job. 

9.  Paint.

10.  Install curtains.

11.  Install mouldings in the half bath and paint. 

Sounds like a lot, considering we just finished building this house and have just moved in.  It really is perfect as is, but we just want to make it our own, and customize it a bit.

We have been busy...

We made some crates for the IKEA Hemnes console to hold junk.  We also moved the console to the "play room" so Jack could organize all his stuff.  It is much more functional in his room than it was in the kitchen.  I moved an antique dresser to the kitchen to serve as a buffet until I find a perfect piece for that location.  And by perfect, I mean cheap!

I have also made a ton of pillows.  I mostly used the napkin method I wrote about here.

I am also recovering my Great Aunt Mable's chair with linen.  I love this chair. My mom tells me that it was originally covered in black leather with horse hair stuffing.  My Great Grandmother Abbie covered it in red velvet.  Then my mom got it about thirty years ago, and had my Grandma Joan cover it in cream velvet.  I inherited it about 7 years ago, and I am just now getting around to recovering it.  It's been a process, but I have really enjoyed it...I even made my own buttons!  As I ripped off the cream colored velvet, I even found some old red velvet from Abbie and some old horse hair. 

So, that's about it!  It's a long process, and I had the realization that we only have four weeks until we return to school.  It might take us until New Year's to get this list done...but we're not in a hurry, we plan on being here for awhile!


  1. so much to do... so little time... I get that!

  2. It's incredible: my mum has two chairs like yours, but bordeau-coloured!!
    I find them very nice :)


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