Nov 1, 2011

{Fall Décor: Part 1}

Acorns.  I love acorns. 

The kid and I went on a hike the other day and we found all sorts of “nature” including cute little acorn caps.  Surely, I could make something out of these…right?

So, I collected a whole bunch and after a couple of days of thinking, and searching online…I  thought I would try a new craft…wool felting.  I thought they would be kind of cute to make little wool roved acorns to scatter on our mantle or on a table for the holidays…or make cute little napkin rings.  A perfect fall decoration…

What you’ll need:
Acorn tops
Wool Roving (I got mine at JoAnn’s, but you’ll have to shop around.  I’ve seen it online, too!)

A Wool Roving Needle
A sponge
Hot water and soap

Using this video as instructions…I think I made some really cute and festive little wool acorns for my fall décor. 





I also picked up some fine wale corduroy from JoAnn’s when they were having a HUGE sale.  I folded a piece of fabric together and sewed a hem on either side.  Then sewed the ends together to make a napkin ring.  Using a needle and thread I sewed the acorns to the ring…making my very own and original acorn napkin rings for our Thanksgiving table.


For those of you who are interested in growing your own oak tree, I found this great website that gives you instructions on how to grow an Oak from an acorn and general Oak tree advice and information.

Also, you might be interested on how to set a table.  I found this easy to follow website on how to make your dinner table more beautiful by properly placing the dishes, plates, glasses, and napkins.


Source: website

And on this first day of November, I am reflective on so many things and am so thankful for my family.  My husband’s family has been through a lot in the recent weeks, and through hardships and loss we realize the importance of family, friends, love, laughter, and the time to enjoy them all.


  1. So sweet...I made some of these last year(now, I have to find them). I love the idea of using them on napkin rings. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I usually get professional chimney cleaners first before I plan in decorating my mantle. The cottony look of the acorns certainly provides a hazy look in low firelight conditions.

  3. It's May and I just found your adorable acorns. I am so making some this weekend. I can't wait for Fall to make them!


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