Oct 10, 2017

{our kitchen table}

I have to admit, I'm a sucker for all things found in barns.  The older and the dustier the better.  One of our bedroom dressers was found in a chicken coop and painted black.  My mom brought it home and refinished it, and now it lives in my home.  A few other dressers were found on the side of the road, with chipped paint, bird poop, and all sorts of issues.  We bring them home and clean them up, refinish if needed, and then find a spot for them.  I like that they have a story. 

One of my favorite items is my great-great grandma's table.  It still has the knife marks where she butchered her meat.  It lives in our morning room and is the perfect spot for my new orchid. 


I've been on the hunt for a new kitchen table.  The table I have now was my grandparent's hard rock maple table and I have plans to refinish it and give it to my brother.  He just recently moved into a new home and it would be perfect for his house, which is a historic home in Irvington (Indy neighborhood). 

Then I found this in a barn...

It was in rough shape and a little a lot dusty. The top needed some TLC.  But I loved it immediately.  Look at the wheels.  The base.  The feet.  It was perfect.  So, we brought it home...

And gave it some love.  We removed the top from the base and sanded the whole table.  We were careful not to sand too deeply, because we still wanted to retain some of the texture of the old wood. 

We mixed Special Walnut and Early American stains and stained the whole table.  Then we added two coats of satin finish polyurethane.  Justin polished up the wheels and re-installed the wheels.

I love the finished product. 


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