Oct 4, 2017

{Your Questions Answered...}

Hello!  I hope you all are doing well.  As some of you have noticed, I have not been posting as regularly as I have in the past.  There are a few reasons for this, but I think we are back.  We are excited to share with our readers our lake cottage renovations and projects, along with other things that we've done around our home.

As I look through all the comments, I do notice there are a lot of questions that I just haven't gotten to!

1. What is the name of your hardwood floors?
We have Bruce Dundee Strip in Saddle hardwood floors (solid, not engineered).  They are the CB217. We chose the solid hardwood because we have "The Kid" and "The Dog" and they are good at scratching the floors.  The solid hardwoods can  be refinished if needed in the future.

2.  What did you paint the cabinetry from IKEA?
We used regular latex trim paint from Sherwin Williams in Extra White in satin finish.  We did not prime the pieces, just used regular old latex paint with FloTrol as an extender to keep the brush marks at bay.

3. What is the beige paint color in your home?
Sherwin Williams Nomadic Desert - This was the builder grade paint color in almost all of the rooms.  We have changed most of the paint in our house, and we will share in future posts.

4.  What happened to your blog?
The original blog was bought up by a company that does that kind of thing.  Companies actually auction off website domains that receive traffic.  I'm not sure I understand it all, but I had to do a quick change.  I moved back to a Blogger domain because my regular domain was no longer.  I never knew that this could happen and unfortunately it has hurt my readership.

5. Why are you coming back?
Well...IKEA opens in our area in about a week and we are pretty excited.  Some of our ideas will be easier to complete.  We also have done so much in our lake house that we wanted to share.  We have a lot more plans, but we are pretty stoked about the transformation.  It's a fun place and we are proud of all the DIY projects we were able to accomplish this past year.  I have a lot to do with the new domain, like updating all of my Pinterest links and the blog links. We'll get there!

6. What's been going on?
A lot!  Some (most) has been really good.  Unfortunately, some has been really bad.  More to come on our life in the future.  But life isn't perfect, is it?  I'll be honest and open about our successes and our hardships. 

Thanks for stopping by {A Charming Nest} and cheers to a new beginning!


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