Dec 26, 2011

{Does it still count?}

Does it still count if it’s a day late?  Because I just now got my wreath up on my front door.  I just didn’t have enough time to get it done, and actually kind of forgot.

Michael’s is having some killer “after the holidays” sales on their holiday merchandise and I picked up a few items…like a wreath for our front door.  With the added jute upholstery webbing that I picked up at Wal-Mart for .67 cents, I think I may have a winning combination.  This was super easy and cheap, especially since I paid 60% less for the wreath.


Cut the jute webbing in half.


Wrap the jute webbing around the wreath.


Tie a cute little bow on top and hang!

It’s my Christmas/Winter wreath…so technically, I’m not really that late.  Right? 

Total cost:
2 Yards of Jute Webbing: $1.34
1 – 24” Greenery Wreath: $13.97
Total Cost         $15.31

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  1. Love the wreath! Nothing beats a great deal,...except a really cute great deal. I've always loved jute webbing and wondered what could be done with it. Cutting it in half for a ribbon is perfect. Great idea!


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