Dec 24, 2011

{Merry Christmas…}

…from our charming nest to yours!




Pictures taken by Mimi Barry Photography, Zionsville, IN.

We haven’t disappeared, things have just been busy, busy, busy!  We will be back in the new year with new projects!  While school is in session, our posts won’t be as often.

A few things happening at {The Charming Nest}:

  • Justin and I are still working full time as teachers.  Thank goodness!
  • I took a part time job teaching at the local community college.
  • I am back in school…getting my administration and leadership license which will probably turn into a doctorate degree in education.
  • I’m officially crazy. 


Love to you all,
Erin, Justin, and “The Kid!”

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  1. Love the last picture...and how do you find time to eat or sleep with that schedule? : )

    Merry christmas


Thank you for your comment.