Dec 26, 2011

{Refashioning: Boot Cut to Skinny}

I use Pinterest for everything!  Recipes, gift ideas, décor, fashion, sewing, gardening…everything. 

I recently pinned a tutorial on how to refashion boot cut jeans to skinny jeans:

Source: via on Pinterest

I’m not a huge skinny jean fan, but I recently made an impulse purchase and bought a pair of boots and needed something to wear with them…I was thinking skirts and tights, and of course skinny jeans.

These are my new Born “Mallory” boots, and I love them…I really do!
I just don’t have anything to wear with them…yet.

So, I tried Merrick’s tutorial on sewing pre-owned bootleg jeans to a new pair of skinny jeans (A Skinny Jean is Born: Tutorial).  Check her out on her blog Merrick’s Art.  This girl can sew…I mean really sew.  She also may be the cutest thing out there in the blogosphere.

What I used:
pre-owned boot cut jeans (Lands End for $16, a clearance purchase a few months back)
invisible ink pen to make marks
navy blue thread
my sewing machine

Following her directions, I put them on, pinned where I wanted the alteration, and I sewed my first leg… 


Before I trimmed the excess denim, I made another pass with my sewing machine and then used a zigzag stich in between the hems.


I used Fray Check at the bottom 4 inches of the pant leg.


Then I just folded the pants in half and used my disappearing marker to mark where the second leg should be.

Hint:  Sew the bottom of the leg first, so you can make sure that the
bottom hems line up exactly. 

I kept them a little long so I could fold a cuff and wear with ballet slippers.


(My right leg is “before” sewing.)


Here they are with my boots. 

Now, I know I’m a far cry from Merrick as a model, but oh well.  Plus, I know my skinny jeans aren’t really “tight and skinny” and I’m okay with that, too.  I usually shy away from anything “tight and skinny” since I don’t want to look like a 2 lb. ham stuffed in a 1 lb. can.  You know?

As far as I’m concerned, the best thing about the whole project: I didn’t have to run out and buy a thing!  To me, that’s the best kind of project!  I love the idea of refashioning.  I’m currently working on a cable knit cashmere sweater, turned into a cardigan with my sewing machine and ribbon.  It’s a work in progress, so we’ll see.

Yes, I did sew the second leg and plan on wearing them tomorrow for Christmas with the In-Laws!

Thank you, Merrick!


  1. Oh my goodness, you are so nice! And your pants are adorable (as are the boots!). Great job!

    By the way, I got your comment on my blog -- sorry the arm band section wasn't very clear. After you sew the arm band, tuck it inside the arm hole of the shirt with right sides together, then sew around the hole (which will have all the raw edges sticking out). Trim the extra fabric and zigzag the edges. If that still doesn't answer your question, email me at and I'll try to be more helpful :)

  2. I just bought some boots today and then found this! You're awesome! New follower.


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