May 6, 2011

{I've Been Dreaming of Mudrooms}

I've been dreaming of mudrooms. The kind that aren't afraid to get dirty.  The kind that can handle a surge of kids coming in out of the rain or snow.  I've been dreaming of drawers, baskets and hooks...all painted white...topped off with some aged, rustic, lovely reclaimed wood as a bench, so you can sit and take your boots off. 

I just may need to buy myself a new pair of boots.  I've been eyeing a pair at the local Feed and Tackle Store.

Anyway, enough of about boots, and back to mudrooms.  We have a mudroom in our new house.  Well, it's really a hallway, that connects to our garage, and has a closet and bathroom.  When we built our house, they called it a mudroom, and we could have bought (upgraded) storage lockers.  Great idea.  I LOVED them too...but Justin insisted he could do it himself, and I believed him.  I know he can, too, and they will be fabulous!

So, we are thinking about a little of this...

And a little of this...

Don't you just love that door?

Love the white and the wood bench...just what I was dreaming about.

Holy this is gorg.  Maybe just a little too fabulous?  I think I would be afraid to get her dirty.  Remember, I need something that's not afraid to get a little dirty.

Corbel love...

Lovely, aren't they?  I mean, their mudrooms...the word "mud" is in their room name, but they are beautiful just the same. 

Things we know we definitely want:
white paint
beadboard, or board and batton

We're planning, drawing, and figuring...


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