May 22, 2011

{Quilts and Auctions}

“When life gives you scraps make quilts.”

I haven't been to an auction since my dad took me when I was a little girl.  At one of the auctions, I remember that he bought me a collection of costume jewelry, which I thought was the coolest.  I am not sure what we (he) were actually looking for, but I thought it was neat to look through all of the old stuff.

I saw an ad today about an old farm auction and we decided to check it out.

It was full of antique, vintage stuff, and I was in heaven.  I had my eye on the handmade quilts, antique blue Ball jars,  old crocks, and two end tables.  As it got started, there was one small detail about auctions that I forgot, and that is that they take time, a lot of time.  We only stayed for about an hour, but I did have enough time to bid on a quilt.

It's an antique, handmade, wedding ring quilt, with beautiful, vivid colors.  It almost seems as though this quilt was folded up and placed in a linen closet and then forgotten about.  Upon inspection, it had no stains and no fading...score!  It did have wonderful colors, which I thought were beautiful...and I was in love!

So I bid, as well as just about every other lady there. After a few minutes, I was the winner!  I didn't pay too much either, but maybe a little more than I really wanted to spend.  But when you think of the women (or woman) who made this quilt, and realize that every stitch was done by hand... I feel it was worth every penny. 

I have big plans for this quilt as it will go into my guest room that I am currently working on.  I think I will do as Sarah (Sarah's Summer House) did in her summer cottage, and hang it on the wall...

Here she is people...I think she is absolutely lovely.  Just the right colors for my room (a little turquoise, some blue, a dab of orange, and of course some red), and I couldn't be happier.  I am so excited to see her hang in the finished room...if we ever get there!


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  1. I am late to the game with your new blog and I love love love it! And I'm super jealous of your new quilt. I have some old quilts of my grandmother's and none are as bright and beautiful as this!


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