Sep 25, 2011

{Gorgeous Inspiration via Pinterest}

I have collected several images that make my heart go pitter-patter on Pinterest.  Inspiration is so easy to find, especially when you find all kinds of beauty on the virtual pin board...which is my new favorite social network.  Here's a little slice of what photos I've used to inspire some of my projects, including what worked and what didn't work!

I made these flowers, following Not Martha's tutorial...but they turned out terribly.  My glue wouldn't stick and all the petals fell off.  Does anyone know of a really strong fabric glue?

I totally rocked these...and they look awesome!  I made my "spirals" thinner to make a flat flower for a pin to wear on my jean jacket and cardigan.  I layered the felt with a spiral of drop cloth fabric, and it looks great.  I will post pics of my flowers soon!

I actually made this dress, with real fabric, real thread, and a real sewing machine!   I couldn't believe it!  It's the first piece of clothing I have ever made!  Well, I did alter it a bit and made it a skirt instead of a dress!  My version is gray...and I love it!  I will post about that soon! (I made with the elastic band covered in fabric and the other with the elastic band showing.  I love them both!)

Quotes are everywhere, and here are a few of my favorites.  I know I will be adding these to my home somewhere, someday!

Isn't this what it's really all about?

I recently got my haircut...using Pinterest.  I showed my hairdresser a few of these...

...and ended up with the best haircut of my life!

Inspiration for clothing is everywhere, as well!  It helps those of us who are confessed fashion challenged people.  I have no idea what looks good on me, what is in style, or what I should wear.  When I find something I like, I will buy one in every color.  I've purchased every color of the Gap's Perfect T-shirt (gray, black, navy, and white).  Speaking of color, I like black, black, and black, with a little color in the form of gray, denim, and khaki.  I know...boring, right?  Someone actually asked me at work if I was feeling okay because I was wearing a color other than black one day.  I didn't really feel like going into the real reasons I wear black, and just laughed it off.  I have some body issues, and wearing black makes me feel better.  Whether or not I actually look better...well, I know that depends on the item.

I do love these combinations...

It looks as though I may invest in a pair of brown riding boots...I think that's what they are called.

What is inspiring you on Pinterest?  So much to do and to try...but so little time!


  1. I have to admit to a Pinterest addiction. It is just so easy to keep track of great ideas, and find new ones.

    Right now I am totally obsessed with upcycling/recycling things that I already have on hand.

  2. Pinterest is an it, though!
    P.S. I would love to see a pic of your new haircut, show it off!!

  3. love your blog; need all this creativity in my home ... i can't find the comments for the flowers, so this is directed toward that project .... also, i could not find the flower tute to discover what glue you used on the flowers ... i use fabri-tac for, pretty much, all gluing needs ... i have used e-6000 and it's, to me, just ok ... anyway, hope this helps you ... darlene


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