Sep 28, 2011

{This is a test!}

I am so excited to be using Windows Live Writer for the first time!


I used Censational Girl’s tutorial and information about using Windows Live Writer…and with some updates installed to my computer, I finally have it up and running.  This is amazing!  It is just like using Microsoft Word…but it has one easy button to publish to my blog.  Uploading pictures is…so EASY!  Hyperlinking to other blogs…so EASY!  Automatic spell checker, it’s just like Word…so EASY!  Watermarks on photos…so EASY!  This will make posting…so EASY!

You can even embed your Pinterest pictures by using the HTML code!  It really couldn’t be easier!


It allows for easy editing, previewing, and then you can look at the HTML codes if you click on the source tab…AMAZING!

If you are a blogger…please head on over to the Censational Girl’s blog to see her write up about Windows Live Writer…you will be so happy that you did!

I know I am!

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  1. Thanks for the tip! It sounds like this is what I need. I always forget to back-up my posts, and it sounds like this is done for you in this tool.


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