Mar 3, 2012

{It takes time…}

We have finally finished our transom windows and I just had to share!  I really couldn’t wait any longer. 

Transom windows are typical in older homes that were built before air conditioning, and usually opened to allow ventilation of the room.  Our DIY versions do not move, but we feel they add some architectural detail to our new home…which we feel gives our house little bit more charming character.

In other words…I love them.  I do. I do. I do.  Justin has really out done himself and I’m really proud of his work!  I think he loves them, too. 

Here’s our before…



And after…



The glass is a clear glass, but it has some texture to that makes it look like old antique glass that you would find in older homes.  When we lived in Chicago, our apartment had original woodwork trim (just like what we recreated here) with beautiful French doors.  The glass was wavy and I loved it!  The glass we chose for this project looks almost exactly like what I remembered from our first place together…we knew immediately that we found the right stuff!


I’m currently working on a “How To” post! Stayed tuned.

Hope you all are having a great weekend!