Aug 9, 2012

{Kitchen…Part 1}

We love our new house.  Making it “ours” has been fun, but slow.  After living here for about a year and a half, we are finally getting to some of the kitchen changes we’ve been wanting to do.
My inspiration was a kitchen from Kitchen Lab.  Have you seen Rebekah Zaveloff’s designs?  I’ll take one of each please! Her kitchen designs are my inspiration.  And I love the white island, dark cabinets, stainless appliances, school house lights, and light granite of her Chicago Ave. project…
Here’s my plan…
We’re working on the white cabinets to the right as we speak.  It’s made up of two Hemnes glass door cabinets with drawers from IKEA.  Solid wood, and we love it, but we have some work to do to get it looking a little more custom.
Picking out paint is a messy job.
But, I think I’ve narrowed it down.  I think.

{It’s Been Quiet…hasn’t it?}

After a few month hiatus, and after actually considering shutting it down, I’m back.  I guess I should say, “we’re back.”  There are a couple of things I have learned in my first year of blogging that I thought I would share:

1.) My blog isn’t perfect and it doesn’t claim to be.  And although I hate it as much as you do, there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.  I try really hard not to have them, but I am often writing these posts late at night after I’ve worked 10+ hours, cooked dinner, bathed a child, cleaned a house, and graded papers.  I do it because I really like it, and need the creative outlet.  It helps me be me.  I do it to share, to communicate with people, and to reach out…not to make money or to become famous.  I’ve made about $200 this year from my blog, which has paid for a few gallons of paint.  It’s definitely not profitable.

2.) It will be at a slower pace.  It’s expensive to do all the projects we want to do, and we just don’t always have the money.  I have a wish list that is a mile long, but a very small budget.  Yes, we try to do things on the cheap to save money, but it all still costs money to do even some of the smallest projects.

3.) Sometimes, I just don’t know what to do, or what to write about.  I experienced major writer’s block this summer…I was paralyzed.  I kept asking, “What’s my next move?  Where do I go from here?”  I was overwhelmed, and quite honestly, nothing inspired me.  I read a lot of DIY blogs, and some seem to write about just about everything under the sun, which I think is great, but I just don’t feel my life is that interesting. 

4.) I’m adding more to my plate, and not taking anything away.  I’m a bit crazy…I know this.  Raising “the kid” plus all the rest makes me...busy, but happy.  I’m happiest when I’m busy and doing lots.  I am currently in a program to get an add on certificate for school administration, working full time (starting back in three days), teaching at the local community college, and I’ve started swimming again.  My swimming goal…Nationals Short Course Meet in May of 2013!  I am ready to compete again, plus I moved to a new age group…35-40 years.  Ha!  Wasn’t it just yesterday I was an 8 and under?  It certainly, feels like it.

5.) I’m gluten and dairy free.  I am not really sure if I have an actual allergy to any of those things, but it’s been a great change for me, and I’ve felt pretty good physically.  I’ve lost about 10 pounds, too.  I’d like to lose more, and my goal is to lose 30 more, but slow and steady is the goal. 

Current projects…

  • Kitchen updates…lighting, countertops, tile backsplash, additional cabinetry
  • Morning Room / Play Room organization…shelving, shelving, shelving
  • Curtains…must sew more
  • Art for the den…sunny is the inspiration

Oh, and by the way…thanks for all of your emails!  I’ve appreciated those of you who have reached out wondering where I’ve been.