Jan 2, 2012

{2012 Resolutions}

I love the new year.  It’s a chance to turn the page, to forget and to move on, and to make things better.  I typically always make resolutions at the new year, but also find myself doing more at the start of each month.  I say to myself “Starting on the 1st, I’ll ____________.”  Usually, it has something to do with eating better and losing weight.  My new year resolutions are typically bigger, broader, and things that I really want to start and change about myself.

resolutions 1

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(original poster source) 
Yes, I know that this poster was originally Gandhi's Fundamentals…For Changing the World. 
I guess I figure if it’s good enough for Gandhi, then it’s good enough for me!

Erin’s Resolutions for 2012:

1.  Eat less + exercise more = weight loss.  Yes, I’ve heard that this is the magic equation to make this whole weight loss thing work.  I just can’t seem to figure it out in real life.  I usually start out eating really well, and then that fizzles out with a trip somewhere, or a celebration, or a whatever moment.  Then I usually will start exercising often, but that fizzles out, too.  I need to find some longevity.  I used to wake up at 4:45 a.m. and go to the high school pool and swim with the local masters team.  Although, I loved it…I was exhausted by 11 a.m.  It just didn’t work with my schedule.  Going to bed before “The Kid” just doesn’t work for our family.  Then I tried working out after school, which meant that I left “The Kid” in daycare even longer.  Well, I felt guilty, so that didn’t work either.  I need to figure out a rhythm and a system that works for all of us…which leads me to number 2…

2. Find a rhythm and a system that works for my family.  I need to find the balance for exercising, working, blogging, back to school-ing, mommy-ing, wife-ing, and socializing…without being utterly exhausted.  Lots of people (friends, readers, etc.) have commented on how amazed they are that I can do it all.  Well, I’ll let you in on my little secret…it’s Justin.  He is the most helpful and willing guy I’ve ever met, and I just so happen to have married him…and he does his own laundry!  Yippee for me!

3.  Work on my photography.  My goodness my photos are terrible.  I have to make these better.  The Indianapolis Arts Center has some photography classes I may take to learn more.  I look at other blogs and their gorgeous photos, and realize I have a lot to learn.

4. Get organized.  “Where is that _____________?” Do you remember seeing _________________?”  “I put _______________ right here and now it’s no where to be found.” “Did you touch ______________?”  Are all common questions in our house. 

5.  Be less like a fish.  My mother tells me I’m very fish-like…“Erin, you bite on everything that goes by.”  She’s referring to how I typically over-analyze situations, encounters, and how they sometimes get me upset.  I need to be less like a fish, and more like a duck. 

6. DIY.  We have a lot of projects in our heads for our house, and other stuff, too.

  • Kitchen built-ins (possibly paint the island, I’ll be polling soon).
  • Den/Work Room built-ins with desk.
  • “The Kid’s” bedroom.
  • The master bedroom…needs some help with built-ins (of course), paint (or course), and some wainscoting.
  • Organization for the play room.  It’s out of control.
  • Display of “The Kid’s” artwork for the play room. He’s pretty talented, if I do say so myself.
  • Paint, paint, paint…and paint some more.  We need some color up in here!
  • Landscaping.  We had a bee keeper come to school and he talked to the kids about bees.  One thing he said is that the bee population is declining because we don’t have enough flowers.  I plan on planting flowers...for me and the bees.  I also want to get a garden started.

7.  Take advantage of every opportunity. I can’t, and will not let opportunities pass me by…back to the fish thing again, but in a good way.  Even though I am so scared of failing, I must try what scares me.

8.  As far as blogging goes…I really need to stop worrying about what some readers will think and just write from my heart, about the things I like.  Every time I hit that publish button, I get nervous.  I know I’m not talking about anything major here (no deep thoughts, no politics, no religion for goodness sakes)…I mean it is just a home improvement blog, with the dabbling of crafts and cooking.  It’s what I enjoy…so I want to write about it. I haven’t gotten very many negative or critical comments (thank you), but I know someday they will come.  I know my grammar stinks…it has always been something I’ve needed (and still do) to work on.  I need to take English class along with my 8th graders…we have some amazing teachers in our building who stress the fundamentals of grammar, which I admittedly never got for whatever reason (honestly, it probably was my obsession with boys and socializing in school…but who knows).  Thanks to some helpful and smart people (Justin), I’ve managed to get by. 


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This month, I turn 35!  Holy cow.  I guess I must remember that…

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Well, there you have it people…my goals for 2012.  I’m off to a pretty good start! (I know, I know…it’s only January 2.) What are your goals, resolutions, things you want to change?


  1. Erin! Keep up the great work and I love following your blog! Hope you and the family are doing well and here's to a stellar 2012!!!

  2. I think your goals are awesome! Can't wait to see where the next year brings you with this blog.

    And as far as your grammar goes, puh-lease. You are FINE. I would much rather read a blog that is from the heart, and reads like that person would speak and is REAL, than one that has perfect grammar. You are Y-Town grad, you're fine. LOL! If I ever check out the blog and see that you've written, "I just seen the cutest thing at Pottery Barn!", THEN we'll sign you up for that grammar course. Until then, don't sweat it!

  3. Ha this is fabulous! Love all the inspiration. I too get nervous about what I write at times--as several members of my family read what I write and tend to have thinner skin while I'm a bit too blunt for them in real life. It's something I'm thinking a lot about this week about where the line between authenticity and compassion is and if they have to be different. Love your blog!

  4. I love your resolution graphic! I'm a worrier with thin-skin but luckily haven't had any negative comments (yet)! haha

    Good luck with your resolutions!

  5. @Ferreh HiattHahaha! Go tigers. I remember reading a lot of books and writing poetry...just not a lot of grammar. Catcher in the rye opened a whole new world for me!

  6. Thank you for all the lovely comments!


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