Jan 5, 2012

{Mudroom Storage: Revisited!}

Now that winter is in full swing here in Indiana, and the coats, hats, and boots are out of storage…I thought I would share with you all how much we love our mudroom storage unit that we built back in the summer months…starting with two Hemnes TV Stands that we purchased for about $150 each. (I just checked online and the white stands are now $169, while the other colors are still just $149).


Make sure you click here if you haven’t already read about how we made it!To sum things up…WE LOVE IT!  We really do.  As far as we are concerned, it’s the best darn thing we have ever built with our own two hands. We use it every day.  It gets cluttered, piled with stuff like stacks of papers, books, the dog leash…or whatever, and we love it even more!

We love that the top is stained wood and doesn’t show dirt, mud, or dog hair.  What?  You don’t have dog hair? 


We love that we can find all of “The Kid’s”  school stuff in the wee hours of the morning when we’re tired, and don’t really feel like frantically looking throughout the house for the hat, a missing single glove, and the field trip slip that you know you signed and put in a safe spot so that you would for sure remember in the morning. 


(Hey…doesn’t it kind of look like that shark hat is eating that red jacket?)


We are so happy with it.  Yes, we still need baskets for the top cubbies and we need to build something for the open drawers.  In due time…patience is a virtue (I keep saying repeating that to myself).

I was also thinking about how easy it would be for you all to do this yourself.  Ikea also sells a three drawer Hemnes TV Stand for about $225…

HEMNES TV unit, white Width: 58 5/8 " Depth: 18 1/2 " Height: 22 1/2 " Max. load: 110 lb Max screen size/flat screen TV: 50 "  Width: 149 cm Depth: 47 cm Height: 57 cm Max. load: 50 kg Max screen size/flat screen TV: 50 "

It’s an easier and cheaper version of ours, but just as great and useful!  A three drawer unit could be centered on a wall with the nailed wood grids to the wall behind it.  Paint the grids and wall, add hooks, and be done!  This would make three distinct hanging areas, but you could put two hooks in each section if you have a bigger family.  Since the Hemnes TV stand tops are solid pine wood, you could always strip the paint off the top (or just sand it off using an orbital sander) and then stain or paint the top any color you wish…or not.  Do what cha like!

Here’s what it would look like if you didn’t build it “up” with cubbies, corbels, and sides. I would use a 1x6 board on the horizontal piece at the top, and then cap it off for a 1x2 turned on its side.  This would make a nice ledge for pictures.



It still would function just the same…and still looks just as fabulous, if you ask me.  It’s just a thought!

So, there you have it…our mudroom storage unit in all of its glory!


  1. Your mudroom inspired my husband and I to do it at our home! We just completed it over the Christmas break. We use the 3 drawer version to better fit our room! I am going to email you pictures of before after... thanks for you inspiration!!!

  2. @KimStoll9That is awesome! I can't wait to see them and don't be surprised if I show you off!

  3. I know you are loving this mudroom addition! We did something similar in a narrow back hall, "mudroom".
    When we built the house there were three children, then came two more. Why anyone thought a three slider door closet was a good idea is beyond me. Shoes and boots were always a problem and constantly caused the doors to come off the tracks.
    Ugh! One January day we decided to sit down and design something better. We knocked it all down and installed (my Mr. B. is such a great carpenter)a ceiling to floor storage unit that included a stepped back top unit, for more elbow room. In the middle is a three foot bench (with a comfy cushion), above it bead board and coat hooks. The surrounding cupboards have pull-out shoe and taller boot drawers, book bag storage,hat and glove drawers,a pull-out recycle center and various drawers and cupboards for storage of things like dog food,light bulbs, grocery bags, etc. We are now using every inch in that back hall and somehow have more room! We did a similar makeover in the laundry room, which is off this same hall. I wish we had an Ikea near us...it would have made this process easier. Congratulations on a beautiful installation!

  4. I'm in love with the corbels and crown moulding! I love that it's gorgeous to look at yet very functional for your family. :)

  5. This has inspired me more than any other project I've seen. I was looking for your contact information, but don't see an email. I saw a sign on your blog that you said would be great for a boy's room. Blue with great sayings on it. I can't find it! I would love to pin it so I won't lose it again. Could you direct me to the right post?

  6. @ Southern Gal! Thank you! Check out the {Making Signs} post... http://www.acharmingnest.com/2011/05/making-signs.html

    I think that has what you are looking for!

  7. We are in the process of doing this in our entry.. thank you thank you so much for putting this here. Ours is being made with only one two drawer hemnes, I am so excited to see the final product. I wanted to ask you what hooks you finally found to use. I will definitely send pictures once it is finished! Thanks again for all your ideas!!!

  8. An amazing job! now if I only had a mudroom!

  9. Great looking mudroom storage "tree". Was wondering what kind of wood you used for the project? Thanks, Dave


  10. I would like to put a dark stained top on my hemnes bench too. Did you remove the original top? How did you attach the pine top?

  11. I love it! this is my dream mud room!

  12. It looks awesome! Would you mind sharing the final dimension of this?


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