Jan 30, 2012

{My Favorite Paint Colors}

I need to paint this house.  It has been officially a year since we moved into this builder beige house, and it is driving me crazy!  We need some color up in here! 

My plan is to incorporate subdued color into each room.

Here’s my plan for the main level…
Kitchen, Mudroom, and Hallway/Entry
Nomadic Desert (Sherwin Williams)
I like this color because it’s a true neutral.  We painted this in our condo in Chicago (our little one bedroom soft loft style, with exposed brick).  We then painted our living room and kitchen this color in our old house.  We couldn’t believe it was a builder choice (1 of 6) to paint in this house.  The only problem…they would only paint the whole house one color.  So, we chose this, because we knew we liked it…but most of the rooms will change.

I also love these for a nice neutral color…
(SW) Rice Grain
(SW) Macadamia

Half Bath (Powder Room)
Beach Glass (Ben Moore)

I love this color.  It’s a nice gray, blue, green color.  It looks clean and fresh, and looks great with brown, beige, and yellow.  It’s very similar to…

Restoration Hardware’s Silver Sage
Silver Sage
Restoration Hardware’s Pale SilverPale Silver

I also love RH’s new addition…pale silver.  We are thinking to adding the Pale Silver color to the dining room.
Family Room
Grant Beige (Ben Moore)

Den (front small living room – with only one small window)
Revere Pewter (Ben Moore)

But I also love…
Gray Owl (Ben Moore)

Stonington Gray (Ben Moore)

With a little bit of this fabric from World Market…

Morning Room
(light filled room, filled with lots of windows – currently “The Kid’s” play room)
Ancient Marble (Sherwin Williams)

And leave it to Martha for beautiful color choices and combinations…
                                                Source: marthastewart.com via acharmingnest.com on Pinterest

My favorite tool for online colors picking is Colorcharts

I like to see how they look on the strip.  For example, I love the color Beach Glass…it’s always nice to see the strip of color and the other colors around it in the spectrum.  I also love how it has a "match this color" feature, so if you don't have a Restoration Hardware near you...but love their Silver Sage paint color, you can always use the match feature to get it color matched from another paint company!  It's really the little things in life...isn't it?


So, there you have it.  What are your favorite colors?  Mine aren’t set in stone, and you never know.  Once I get the sample, and get it on the wall…I almost always change my mind. 


  1. I love these colors too - and it's funny because I've been drooling over that same textile from world market! our house is seriously the colors of that textile. I just have the bathroom left and I keep painting it and then changing my mind once the color is on the wall...SIGH! maybe I should try sea glass :)

  2. I just painted my kitchen BM: Grey Owl and I love it so much!

  3. Beautiful colors! I love your bathroom painted in Beach glass. It's funny because when we built our house, we painted the whole thing in SW Nomadic Desert so now I am trying to paint over it. We are leaving it in all the hallways but I can't wait to paint over it in our living room and dining room. If you want to see what it looks like in different rooms, I have pictures of my home throughout my blog. Beautiful colors, thanks for sharing!!!

  4. I painted my entire hallway (upstairs & down) & entry in Revere Pewter.. love love it.. it feels so coastal. I just finished painting my living room in Seagull Grey by CIL, very similar to revere pewter just a little greyer. I absolutely love your color choices.. we seem to have the same taste. Love love your blog!

  5. My kitchen is grey owl. I love it too!

  6. I just painted my den hallways and foyer in Grant Beige. Love it. It looks like french linen. Good Luck with the painting. Picking the colors is the hardest part!!!!!!

  7. Nomadic Desert is in most of my house too. LOVE it. It takes any accent color well. Nice choice :-).

  8. I was just searching for bloggers that have used pale silver or silver sage and found your blog, and its funny because I actually had already purchased the same fabric pattern from world market (curtain panels) so now I feel like I'm on the right track! Yay! Great minds think alike!


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