Jan 17, 2012

{The day that changed everything…}

Four years ago today, was the day that changed everything.  It was the day I became a mom. 

He was precious.  And I was so scared.


The first year was fun, exciting, and scary.Jack_002

We dealt with ear infection after ear infection.IMG_1097

But he was such a good and happy baby.IMG_2448

Always woke up with smiles after naps.Jack 6 months july 27 003
Learned to walk with excitement.IMG_2132

And I never thought it could get better, or I could love him more, but I do. 

I love him more each day.

We celebrated with family, today…




We celebrated with his friends, yesterday. 

The forces gathered…



I made Star Wars cupcakes. The light sabers came from here. The Storm Trooper and Darth Vader heads (rings to stick in the icing) came from here.  The gray and black sprinkles came from my grocery (Kroger has “Robot” sprinkles.) 

Happy birthday my sweet child. 


  1. He looks so content in the first pic at the hospital! That is sooooo cute.
    He is a handsome little guy.

  2. So sweet! My baby boy just turned 26...nothing like a boy! Enjoy every minute, he has the most precious smile!

  3. Your cupcake is really cute... i mean your cupcake not the cupcake "cupcake"... He is cute! hope he is a good boy :)

  4. Your son is adorable :-) I can tell he has a lot of fun.

    Those cupcakes are so much fun, I can think of more than a few grownups that would covet them for their birthday party as well :-)

  5. What a precious boy! Looks like he had a great birthday :)

  6. Sounds like you are a wonderful mum. It was the first time that I visited your website and I find it so full of useful stuff. Little report on your son's development is a really beautiful heart warming bonus:) have a wonderful day. Kamila

  7. Adorable little boy and lovely cupcakes :)
    Feliz aniversário menino bonito e amado!


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